Ain Dah Yung Center is a cornerstone for community healing. We are committed to ensuring that American Indian youth and families in the Twin Cities Area retain access to their Indigenous rights of community belonging and cultural identity. Volunteers play an important role in developing healthy community connections with our youth and families.

Whether you are a community volunteer or a college student interested in service learning, we welcome your help.


We offer community members structured volunteer opportunities within our programs and community events. Possible areas for volunteerism include:

  • Co-facilitating Life Skills groups
  • Co-facilitating arts or writing-based groups
  • Facilitating cooking groups
  • Groups for storytelling and crafts
  • Working 1:1 with residents on resume building and/or job searching online and interview preparation
  • Working with residents 1:1 or in small groups on homework or school projects
  • Group volunteering projects for cleaning, organizing, fundraising, etc.
  • Assisting the day of our events (Pow Wow, Tobacco Prevention and Wellness Symposium, Open House)
  • Share a skill or talent with our youth and families

Service Learning

Many colleges utilize a service learning component to their education as a way for students to learn and develop through active participation in services that meet the needs of a community; and helps foster civic responsibility. The ADYC welcomes students who are looking to fulfill these requirements and offers a wide array of experiences.

General service learning opportunities may include shorter commitments that are more project-based for school requirements or that are through other community organizations. Opportunities may include, but are not limited to, individual or group cleaning of Ain Dah Yung Center grounds and facilities projects, facilitation of Life Skill instruction, cultural or arts-based groups, skill-teaching such as regalia or jewelry assembly, tutoring youth in academic course work, playing games/mentoring or assisting with youth outings under staff supervision.

If you are interested in working with American Indian youth and families through volunteering or service learning, please contact Jim Berling, Human Resources and Finance Director at 651.227.4184 ext.15 or jim.berling@adycenter.org.

















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