How We Help Youth

We’re so glad you’ve reached out…Native youth are the lifeblood of the American Indian community. Our programs are focused on supporting you to a healthy, safe, happy and secure future as an active member of your community.

  • If you’re age 5 to 17, and are homeless, runaway, in a family crisis, or involved with juvenile corrections, the Ain Dah Yung (Our Home) Emergency Shelter can support you with culturally specific emergency and short-term shelter and supportive services. Reach out to a caseworker now.
  • If you’re from 16 to 21 and have no safe home to return to, have “aged-out” of the foster care system, or are homeless and unaccompanied, the Beverley A. Benjamin Youth Lodge might be for you. Explore this possibility.
  • If you are a runaway or homeless youth, Street Outreach wants to help with everything from health and personal care supplies, to referrals, to access to food and transportation. Connect with an outreach worker.
  • Raising children with mental health challenges can be very stressful. The Ramsey County Children’s Mental Health Case Management staff members understand and will develop a supportive team of family, professionals, and community members to meet your needs through culturally specific services. Reach out for support.
  • For youth from ages 8 to 21, the multifaceted Ninijanisag (Our Children) Program focuses heavily on engagement and prevention – working to ground youth in Native cultural teachings through problem-solving, leadership development, and communication skills. Start building your cultural and community connections.

In addition to these programs, check out the resources that are available for youth.

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