How We Help Families

The family is the groundwork of American Indian life. However, Native families have been threatened by high rates of domestic violence, chemical use/abuse, suicide and other self-compromising behaviors. These programs focus on helping Native youth and families avoid or rise up from these challenges.

  • The Native community has strong and proud cultural traditions that offer many examples of how to live life in a good way. The Oyate Nawajin (Stand with the People) program keeps American Indian families together and strong by building on their knowledge, skills, and resources to provide a safe, stable environment for their children. Get your family involved.
  • The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) was created to prevent the dissolution of American Indian families and to reduce the number of American Indian children in out-of-home placement. The Indian Child Welfare Legal Advocacy Project (ICWLAP) and ICWA Compliance Project (ICWACP) can help navigate the legalities. Find out your options.

In addition to these programs, check out the resources that are available for families.

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