Get Involved

The Ain Dah Yung Center has been impacting the lives of American Indian children and families for decades and we would love to invite you to personally participate in our mission. There are many ways to get involved and support the success of our families and youth:

Your gift provides us with resources that change the lives of children experiencing homelessness and supports parents who are striving to provide the best for their families during difficult times. MORE

Volunteer & Service Learning
Take a look at the many opportunities to volunteer your time, skills and talents to assist children and their families in escaping homelessness. Many colleges utilize a service learning component to their education as a way for students to learn and develop through active participation in services that meet the needs of a community; and helps foster civic responsibility. The ADYC welcomes students who are looking to fulfill these requirements and offers a wide array of experiences. MORE

Wish Lists
Your contributions to our wish lists provide basic necessities and hope to youth striving for a new beginning and provide our families with the backing they need to keep moving forward to achieve their goals. MORE



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