Youth Services Network Launched

Dear Youth,

Have you been searching for a more confidential and convenient way to search for a shelter bed where you don’t have to be transferred on the phone multiple times, and don’t need to rehearse your personal story over and over again? Or perhaps a food shelf closest to where you are at? How about searching for basic needs such as a free haircut or clothing?

Well, check out this new Youth Services Network website application

Youth Services Network

The Youth Services Network website was designed to help youth find shelter and services. It is user friendly and all the information is updated at real time. This website is accessible on any smartphone so you can use it like a phone app.

You can search for:

  • Shelter beds – Updated in real time when beds are available
  • Outreach workers – Listed by geographic area and sharing contact numbers for workers
  • Drop-in centers – Open with a variety of services daily
  • Food – Connects youth to food shelves and meals
  • Medical needs – Cheap of free medical services available to youth
  • Basic needs – Clothing, showers, laundry, free hair cut information available to youth
  • Parenting – Youth may join in on social groups who are improving their parenting skills, teen pregnancy programs and more.

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