Give to the Max Day is November 13th

Please support the great work that is happening 365 days a year at the Ain Dah Yung Center on ONE DAY during the upcoming GIVE TO THE MAX DAY NOVEMBER 13TH!

Donate today at

As you might know:

· We are providing emergency shelter for homeless children who have no safe place to go.
· We are providing advocacy for those families that are struggling to keep their housing, and therefore their ability to provide for their children.
· We are working with our young ones, teaching them leadership skills and strengthening their abilities to deter cohesion towards negative behaviors.
· We are helping our older youth to learn the life skills they need to become self-sufficient and leave homelessness behind them.
· We provide legal support for our Native families.
· And we guide our children in experiencing what it means to be a proud Native youth.

As a Native organization, we know first-hand what happens when communities come together for the welfare of all children and their families. You and I do all that we can to keep our own children healthy and safe…however part of keeping our own children safe, means making sure that no child has to live on the streets, has food and health care, and are not facing the many imminent dangers of being homeless.

So let’s come together and make all our communities happy and healthy! Please consider a gift on NOVEMBER 13TH…our goal for this one day is $5,000 and if we all pitch in, we can make this goal together!

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